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2019 Commencement Information

Congratulations Graduates!

Regalia is required to participate in Commencement and is different for bachelor's, master's and doctoral candidates. All degree recipients from Columbia University and its affiliated institutions wear a cap and gown. Doctoral recipients additionally wear a hood indicating the degree earned.

Bachelor's and Master's Degree Recipients
Bachelor’s and master’s degree recipients wear a gown, mortarboard (cap), and tassel. No hood is worn. Bachelor's combo pack is $59. Master's combo pack is $66.

In-store purchase: Orders for bachelor's and master's regalia do not need to be placed in advance and are available in the bookstore up until the day of Commencement.

Online purchase: You may order your regalia online until May 5th.

Doctoral/Non-Law Degree Recipients
Doctoral recipients wear a gown, hood, and velvet tam (cap). All three components are required in order to walk in all doctoral commencement ceremonies.

Orders for rental doctoral regalia may be placed beginning March 12th. You may place your order online up until April 15th or by visiting us in-store anytime. Late fees will apply to rental regalia orders placed after April 19th. A set of rental doctoral regalia is $185 (plus tax) (rental gown, rental hood, purchase tam).

Orders for custom purchase doctoral regalia may be placed at any time. The last day to order custom regalia with guaranteed delivery by Commencement is April 19th as it takes 5 weeks for delivery.
A set of custom purchase doctoral regalia is $922 (plus tax) (purchase gown, purchase hood, purchase tam). Custom purchase regalia may be ordered in-store, by calling 212-854-4132, or by emailing to begin the order process.

Law Degree Recipients
Law degree recipients wear a gown, hood and velvet tam (cap). All three components are required in order to walk in all doctoral commencement ceremonies.

Orders for rental LAW regalia may be placed in-store or via e-mail beginning March 12th, but please note that rental and late fees will apply if you place your order after April 9th.

You may place your order using one of the two following methods:

  • 1. Visit us in-store any time on or between March 12th and April 9th.
  • OR
  • 2. Email with your full name, degree, height and hat size on or before April 9th. Your hat size is the circumference of your head when measured about an inch above your temples.

Additional Information
Distribution of rental regalia begins on May 10th.

Please call the Columbia University Bookstore at 212-854-4132 for all other inquiries.



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